Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby photo shoot

Today was Brendan's birthday. We had a rainy BBQ with about 10 friends. It was a great day. Our friend Amy Alexander had to take pictures for her photography class. We decided to use the three attending babies (Emma-4.5 months, Paul-6 months, and Georgia-4 months) as her models. We can't wait to get the pictures!

Here are a couple of videos and one of my pictures from the photo shoot. It was a blast.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Willits California!

Friday, April 25, 2008

G and her puppytunes

G and I were playing with her musical puppy this morning. She keeps talking to it but it doesn't talk back...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Couple of spring morning pics

It is supposed to be 85 degrees today. We are so excited to have some nice warm weather after a cold winter. Georgia and I have been strolling around everyday after work. It has been fabulous.

Here are a couple of pics in a nice spring outfit.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off to Willits

After stopping off to see Antie Dana, Uncle Justin and Juno, we headed farther North to see some of the Willits clan. Georgia got to see Grandama Gaye, Grandpa Kirk, Auntie Sharon, Uncle Buddy, Auntie Allyn, Auntie Tammy, Great Grandma Bernita, Great Grandpa Bud, Great Grandma Carol, Cousin Heath Cousin Beda, Cousin Kara, Cousin Leta, Cousin Ellia, Cousin Emma, and Cousin Lilah.

Papa and Grandpa Kirk got to do some fishing at the Boy Scout Camp.

Look at the big bass.

Three fish that morning! Mama wanted to go but slept in with G instead.

G was even going to borrow Lilah and Emma's Barbie fishing pole.

Here is Lilah on her horse Patches. What a horsewoman!

Emma was so sweet with the baby goats.

Grandpa Kirk and Grandma Gaye chilled with G, some pizza, and beer.

Great Grandpa Bud treated us all!

Grandma Gaye is letting Uncle Buddy know exactly what she thinks about something.

Grandma Gaye washed G in the sink most nights we were there. G loved the view of the Marsh!

Look at the happy water baby.

Cuz Ella gave G lots of sweet kisses.

...and G loved them!

Great Grandma Carol thought she was such a pretty baby.

And Grandpa Kirk spent shielded her from the wonderful CA sun. G's little Boston whitey body wasn't used to all the Vitamin D.

Lilah and her daddy on their Sunday ride.

Georgia with Great Grandma Bernita. She sure was looking forward to meeting this wonderful lady.

Emma with the goats.

Here are Lilah and Ella with the baby pigmy goats.

Grandpa Kirk and G snuggling on the way to the barn.

We love and miss you guys!

Heading North to see Aunt Dana and Uncle Justin

After the conference in S.F. ended, we headed North. Georgia got to see Aunt Dana and meet soon to be Uncle Justin and cousin Juno (the dog). They fed us some fabulous mushroom ravioli and wine. Yummy! Auntie Dana showed off her greenhouse and foliage. Georgia really liked the punk rock flowers.

Meeting the Great Aunts out West

We mixed a little work and pleasure this past week. Kara had a conference in San Francisco, so Brendan took a week off and traveled out West with she and Georgia. We stayed in Brendan's family house in Noe valley for a few days. Georigia got to meet her Great Aunts Pat and Mary. They spoiled her with kisses, love, stuffed animals and super cute clothes!

The weather was great, so Georgia got to wear a new sun hat. We couldn't resist taking 100 pictures of her in it. She also go to wear her cool shades.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Batting-America's favorite pastime

...or at least Georgia's favorite pastime

Just some pics

Here are just some cutie patutti pics.