Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a great Easter day this year. Lily, Mike and Annie came over for an early Easter egg hunt and brunch. Then we saw Georgia's cousins from Ventura county!

The kids sat patiently as we explained the rules of Easter egg hunting
(you know...don't nab eggs from the other's basket)
Georgia and Quinn taking a break after hunting.

Quinn loved his bucket and carried it around all day.

Pretty flower.

O.K. Ladies, save some eggs for me!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quinn's first haircut

Quinn is getting to be such a big boy. He is exploding with new words this week, some of which we can actually understand (Mama, Dadda, Georgia (jor-ja), Bird (behd), thank you (ti-tu) and is walking about 5 steps at a time. We figured it was time for a haircut. As usual he was very observant and cooperative.

Quinn's first haircut!

Getting to be a big boy!


Last week we had a fabulous vacation with about 30 Orvis family members and friends. We stayed in Coronado CA. Although the weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked, we played by the pool, got massages, and had some wonderful dinners. The ending event was Grandpa Kirk's 60th birthday party. BBQ by the pool with s'mores and dancing to end the night. All in all it was pretty wonderful.

The party goers.

Georgia and her cousin Porter.

Georgia and her cousin Emma.

Georgia adores her cousins.

Quinn and Daddy were in the middle of the action.

Go cousins!

Georgia and Porter racing (they are 5 months apart)

Sitting pretty in her party dress.

This picture just cracks me up.

Porter at the pool.

Georgia was a pro on the noodles.

She was swimming on them without us holding on (though very close by).

She also kept jumping in and touching the bottom!

Grandpa and Quinn.

More fun in the pool.

Adventures of Bren and John

Our good friend John came for a visit last month. Bearing Red Sox gifts for all. I supposed since the kids were born in Boston we will never get away from that :) Although this is a family blog, I had to highlight the adventures of Bren and John, who I swear were brothers in a former life.
Meet John.

Meet Bren with John.

Crowley visit

Grandma and Grandpa Crowley came for a visit late March to celebrate Quinn's birthday. They also brought Auntie Jackie! Whom Georgia loooooovvvvees. They had so much fun watching sunsets, going to the zoo, making jello and such. We got also got to celebrate Grandpa Bob's birthday which was just a couple days before Quinn's. Go Aries men!
Grandma and Georgia stirring the jello. Grandma and Grandpa by the sunset. It was a little cloudy so they weren't as spectacular as usual. Why does it rain everytime people visit? :) Georgia and Auntie Jackie.
Auntie and Quinn.