Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playdate with Paul

We picked Paul up from daycare on Friday and he and Georgia spent a few hours tearing through toys at the house. It was so much fun! One was crawling this way and the other was crawling that way... I don't know how people with twins do it!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dill pickle for breakfast

Mama and Daddy LOVE to snack on dill pickles.
It seems Georgia does as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1 Year Appt

Georgia had her 1 year appointment last Friday. She is 31 inches and 23.5 pounds. That puts her at the 90th percentile for height, 79th percentile for weight...and her head is now at the 25th percentile!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visit from Emma

The Dragos came over for lasagna dinner and a fairly exciting night of Scrabble.
(how different our weekends have become in the last year...)

Little Emma is walking like a pro.

Although it took some time for her to figure out how to maneuver the 100 lb moving obstacle we call Rocky.

And kisses from her Mama.

As part of the fun, we took the girls for a wagon ride around the house.
They then played peekaboo with each other around the playhouse.
It was the first time they really played interactively (other than taking each others toys).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I guess salons make you want to walk

Georgia took a few steps today at the Salon while we were waiting for Daddy to get his hair cut. It was wild, like she had been doing it all along....

Pic of Mama and G

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Climbing stairs

We have been trying hard to prevent Georgia from noticing the stairs. Well too late. Now that she has climbed Paul's stairs, that is all she wants to do at our house. Looks like we'll have to make the hallway and stairwell our January/February renovation project!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Play Date with Paul

Georgia had a fun time yesterday hanging out with her friend Paul. Mama and Daddy came down with a nasty episode of food poisoning and appreciated Beren and Shawn looking after Georgia. Georgia loved wearing Paul's socks and Paul loved taking toys from Georgia (seems fair). From what I heard though, stair racing was the hit activity of the day (well supervised of course).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

CA: Christmas

Christmas was great. We wrapped presents, opened presents, drank wine and ate some delicious meals.
Georgia is helping Grandpa Kirk wrap Granny Gaye's present.

Georgia spent a lot of time admiring the presents, which we had to put behind bars with the fireplace. She still stuck her arms through and got a couple of bows.

We spent Christmas Eve at Georgia's Great Aunt Sharon and Uncle Buddy's house.
It has been a family tradition for longer than I can remember.

Aunt Sharon bought the four girls matching Boden outfits.
Lilah (holding Georgia), Ella, and Emma off to the right.

Kara played head Claus and the girls helped pass presents out.

Grandma Gaye kicking back with G after a big meal and some hard work opening presents.

Christmas morning we relaxed and opened more presents!
Here is Uncle Justin reading Georgia a book.

Then Grandma Gaye made a Christmas Day turkey dinner. The turkey was delicious!
Here is Georgia with her Great Grandma Carol.

CA: Georgia's Birthday

It has been a year since this little beefcake of the NICU insisted on joining us in person.
Brendan and I are so proud to be her parents and feel so lucky to have such wonderful family members and friends to fold her life into.
Thank you all.

The very first picture of Georgia.

And now time for birthday party pics!
We had Georgia's birthday party at a local pizza parlor (best pizza in the world).
We had over 30 guests which included 2 Great Grandparents, 2 Grandparents, 4 Great Aunts, 3 Great Uncles, 18 second/third cousins, and a few family friends. As usual, the rambunctious group took over half of the restaurant.

A few of Georgia's family and friends.

Georgia in her birthday dress.
Mama bought it over 8 months ago in a little store in Portland Maine.
It complemented her four new top teeth.

Georgia and Grandma Gaye.

Georgia and Grandpa Kirk

Georgia and her Great Aunt Tammy

Cousin Denise and little Cousin Porter Beda (6 months)

Of course we sang Happy Birthday.
Cousins Lilah, Emma, and Ella helped blow out the candles.

The cake was made by the same woman to made our wedding cakes.
It has little pink hearts on the sides.
White cake with lemon filling and buttercream frosting. So yummy!

Georgia wasn't sure about the cake at first...

Until Grandpa Kirk gave her a taste. Then she loved it.

Happy Birthday Georgia!

CA: Trip to Sonoma County

A few days after arriving at her Grandparents, Georgia and I made a trip back down to West Sonoma County to visit with Auntie Dana and pick up Daddy. We had an early dinner in Santa Rosa with Georgia's Great Aunts Pat and Mary Florence who drove Brendan up from San Francisco.

Georgia and her crazy Auntie Dana.

You really know you are "in" with Georgia...

...if she goes in for the head lean.

We then went to visit Uncle Justin who just back from duck hunting.
We didn't ask if he got anything, but did hear the foodsaver run...

Georgia loves visiting Auntie Dana and Uncle Justin.

Brendan, Georgia, and Great Aunt Mary

Brendan, Georgia, and Great Aunt Pat

CA: Hanging on the ranch

We spent about two weeks in CA over the holiday. It was great fun (aside from five days of Georgia having a fever, several calls to her pediatrician in Boston, and a trip to the emergency room). Here are some highlights when Georgia was feeling well.

We were of course greeted by my mother's obvious support for our president elect.
She is not going to take it down until he is sworn in.

Georgia and Granny Gaye by the barn.

One thing we know is that Georgia loves to be outside and loves animals. She was so happy to get to meet so many new animal friends, including Cooper, Sadie, Colette, Coaltar, Ben, Happy, Tony, the six goats, and the ugliest dog in the world, Taffy.

Here is crazy Tony, Georgia's great grandparents dog. Georgia loved playing fetch with her (which consisted of handing Tony the toy and giggling like mad when she took it from her hand)

Here is Coaltar the Stallion and Ben the Rodeo Star.
Georgia loved to watch them, along with the goats.
We can't wait until she is big enough to learn to ride.

Here is Georgia going through Tony's toy basket with Great Grandma Carol.
Nothing like dog toys!

Great Grandpa Bud introduced G to balloons.
She was trilled but eventually went back to the dog toys.

Georgia had several wonderful visits with her Great Grandparents.

And she always let me knew when it was time to go home and eat.

Align Center
Of course we danced as much as possible.
Georgia really likes the best of Saturday Night Live music.
You will have to tilt you head for this one...