Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brendan at the Beach

Brendan really does deserve his own post after his performance at the beach today.

Handsome Devil.

Is that a flex?

Chi baby.

Oh Yeah. Check it.

Miss California.

Teaching G bad habits.
Quinn is just speechless.
Mama couldn't be prouder. At least the women volleyball players won't be picking him up this morning...

Morning at the beach

O.K. It is official. We love San Diego. There is nothing like an early morning at the beach! Surfers, volleyball players, and yoga circles. It is so chill and fabulous. Great way to spend a few hours getting out of the house on a cloudy morning.

Quinn trying a little downward dog.

Did you say don't throw that sand? Oops!

Lovin on the brother.

Maybe I can make a quick getaway here...

Ride em dolphin!