Sunday, August 23, 2009

Katy Perry and a Balloon

Really, what else does a girl need except Katy Perry and a balloon? Maybe a bubble popper and a nap?

Georgia the Tie-Dye Model

Georgia finally fits into the cute tie dye romper from Willits that Marilyn got her. Here she is modeling it with a bunch of winter accessories Mama was going through.

Man do I look good in rainbow.

Whad up?

White is such a basic.

Fierce! Supermodel in the making?

I work hard for my crackers...uh hun, uh hun

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sum Sum Summertime

We have been having a great summer now that Mama isn't on the road. Just hanging out with friends and trying to take in the sun while we can! Georgia is such a little girl now and growing up more each day. She loves to do everything just like Mama and Daddy and comes out with new words all the time. She loves to point to things and tell us what they are. She also loves to sing and definitely has opinions on which songs she wants us to play in the car. Mama had to listen to the same song 10 times this morning (until the stereo "broke").



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Visiting the Lassiters

We had a fabulous time visiting our very special friends Scott and Andi a couple of weekends ago. Georgia had such fun playing with baby Neenah and Maya (9 months older than G).

Here is G playing at the park with Maya, Neenah, and the boys. They let Andi go shopping after Kara left for another work trip. Daddy's said Georgia really loved the tunnel.

Tunnels rock!

Who me?

Going in for a smooch on Baby Neenah.
G was very gentle and loved patting her and saying "baby"

Maya gave G her first fishing lesson.

I've got to get me one of these...

Maya and G eating lunch. Georgia wanted to sit on the bench like Maya.

Georgia loved to push around Maya's baby carriage.

Here are the girls filling up the pool.
Note that the guys liked to play with the pink fishing pole as well.

Here is a funny video of Georgia wearing Maya's dress up shoes and Maya with her tap shoes on. They were having a blast. Of course I had to go out and buy G some dress up shoes when we got home. She loved walking around in them!

On the way back the pilots let Daddy and G get a picture in the cockpit. I do think Daddy was more excited that G...

Summer G

Georgia is really enjoying the summer. She is such a water baby and loves to be outside. The other day she was so upset when the weather turned stormy and I had to pull her out of the pool. I put her in the bathtub and that seemed to be a good substitute. We try to get out and about when the weather is cooperating.

Lounging in her swimsuit.

Wading in her pool.

Looking cool in her new shades.

And even cooler in the pool.

Here she is after her swim. Of course she ends up taking off all her clothes. That is the newest favorite pastime....getting naked! A bit of an exhibitionist....

Georgia wants to copy everything we do. Here she is putting on Mama's shoes.

Here G is helping Mama pull weeds (too bad these were plants we'd like to keep)...

Georgia pulled out the asparagus pot the other day. She took out the drainer, put it on her arm like a purse and said "bye bye" Too cute!

G has discovered Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. With Grandma Gaye's blackberry jam of course. Here she is chowing down on Mama's sandwich. Yummy!