Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skeletons in my house?

One day the girls were giggling in the playroom. They were so excited to show us skeletons. Turns out D and G were the skeletons! Bella had drawn ribs, arm bones, leg bones, face bones, hearts, and veins all over the girls (the hearts and veins were even in red pen). Luckily it came off with a group bath and some tinkerbell scrubbing.

The skeletons and the artist.

Now those are some funny bones.

Oh my! A scary skeleton!


We of course spent a lot of beach time with the Paradiso's, even discovering some new spots ourselves. The most exciting fun was finding the tidepools!

G and D at the tidepools.

Quinn looking like a beach pro.

G dancing in the waves.

The girls getting beachy with it.


Who needs toys when you have waves?

The boys digging in the sand.


The first day the Paradiso's were here we went to Legoland. Which was awesome. Georgia even went on a little roller coaster. I could feel her heart beating so fast!

Posing outside of Legoland.

Georgia at the Legoland driving school.

Riding a lego camel.

D, Enzo, and Bella in front of the DC lego display.

Legotown was pretty awesome.

Going down the log ride.

Quinn and Leni. Is it love?

The Paradiso family came for a visit. It was a wonderful time and we were so sad to see them go. The mamas were encouraged by a blooming affection between Quinn and Leni. They loved trying to pull on and eat each others faces. It may be love. Stay tuned over the next few decades...

Mighty Quinn

Lovely Leni.