Sunday, June 28, 2009

True suburbanites

We got a new car yesterday. A Volvo XC90 with three rows of seating. All we need now is the white picket fence...

Georgia liked it.

Company Picnic

We went to my company's annual New England picnic yesterday. It was so much fun!

Georgia had a great time playing in the baby pool and sprinkler area.

Georgia checking out the lobster before it was devoured.

Georgia LOVED LOVED LOVED the bounce house!

I think Daddy secretly loved it as well...

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See the great bouncing baby G

Thursday, June 11, 2009

California Trip

For my birthday, Georgia and I visited Grandma Gaye and Grandpa Kirk in Northern CA for 9 days. Daddy and Rocky stayed home and enjoyed their bachelorhood.

We had such a great time and took a ton of pictures. See below for our many adventures.

Georgia and I went with Grandpa to visit the Abhayagiri monastary ( Grandpa is doing some work for the monks. Here is Georgia playing in front of one of the meditation platforms in the woods. The deer were so tame in this area. They would come very close to us and weren't afraid.

Here is the site that Grandpa is helping build on. What a beautiful view! We could see about 7 ridge lines from where we were standing.

Align CenterCousins Heath, Kara, Lilah, and Emma hosted a great family party one evening. We had fresh abalone Heath caught that morning. So tasty! Georgia had her first juice box, which I'm sure was the driving force behind her not wanting to sleep until 10:45.

Here are Georgia and Grandpa walking around the orchard.
They were BFFs the entire trip.

Grandpa showing G how to eat cherries.

Cousin Porter jumping on the musical trampoline.
Georgia loved it so much that Grandma Gaye bought her one (just arrived today).

Cousin Lilah showing G how to water the flowers with a bucket.

G playing in the playhouse with Cousin Porter.

Cousin Lilah peeking down on Georgia. They were having a great time.
I think we may have to invest in a play house.

Georgia also spent a lot of time learning how to be a ranch girl.

Here she is trying out a tractor...

Learning how to use a crop...

Riding (o.k. sitting) on her first horse (thanks for cooperating Coaltar)

Learning to call the horses to come get a treat.
We had to visit the horses and goats at this gate every day.

Learning how to feed the horses through the gate.

Gathering up the halter...

Pulling a wheelborrow...

Just hanging in the barn...

Sleeping wherever she got tired...

Using the BIG shovel...

Petting Aunt Tammy's baby hens and roosters...

I just had to post Aunt Tammy's new Hilton Chicken Coop.
Call for reservations.

Washing stuff in the sink with Grandma...
(mostly just playing in the water)

We didn't make her vaccuum...

Of course there was time to dance, even by the barn.

And lots of running....

Always holding hands with Grandpa through the rough turf.

Learning to smell a flower...

And more flowers...

Learning to pick strawberries with Grandpa...

He'd wash them off in the outdoor sink.

And picking strawberries by herself...

Georgia loved the garden.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!