Friday, July 29, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July up in Willits. It is so nice to be within driving distance. The whole fam damily was there. Rocky included. The kids got to go to the parade, visit with cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, and even see fireworks at Auntie Dana's house! We played in the pool, went fishing, and helped with the animals.

Uncle Buddy holding a chicken for Georgia and Cousin Porter to pet.

Georgia is obsessed with horses and loved helping Grandpa feed them.

Georgia and Porter running to see the pigs and Patches the pony.

Georgia helping Grandma with treats!

Choosing bait with Grandpa

Georgia loves fishing.

Eating in string cheese in bed with Cousin Porter.

Watch out Grandpa! Water fight going on!

Water fight!

We even got to stop over in SF and see Aunties Mary Florence and Patricia.
Grandpa Bob was also there for a visit!

Daddy and Grandpa chillin in the late afternoon sun.

Grandma Gaye watering her flowers.

Of course the kids helped her...

Georgia ready for the rodeo!
Happy Fourth of July!

Fashionable, no doubt about it

Both our kids love dressing up. It is a daily activity. Quinn loves putting on hats, sunglasses and Daddy's flip flops! Georgia is always surprising us with new and creative outfits.

This was an outfit she put on right after getting out of the bath.

Quinn loved these accessories!

Sweet Baby Boy

Our little guy is growing up so fast. 16 Months, wow! He is talking like a champ (my favorite is when he says "U-Turn!") and runs so fast! Fearless. We have to watch him close. If we leave the room for 30 seconds he will try and climb on something, like the dining room table! He loves water, adores his sister Georgia, can kick a soccer ball, throw a ball and gives the best kisses (I'm pretty sure this is a future super power)! He is learning animal sounds and still loves music. He can climb up the big kids playground and goes down slides that scare mama! His teachers say what a great communicator is. They always know what he wants. And let me tell you, if he wants something, he is not shy in letting you know. We love him so much.

O.K. I know we are biased but isn't that the cutest nose ever?
Oh, and that is definitely the Orvis forehead...