Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Quinn

Is it true? Is our baby really one year old today?

Geez... Am I totally blind or is he not the most adorable, wonderful, little boy ever.

We love you so much.
Your easy smile and your easy laugh.
Your curious nature and your mischievous looks.
Your climbing,
your dancing,
your sweet tired eyes.
The curl in your hair.
Our sweet little beast.

Birthday Boy.

Daddy and the Birthday Boy.

Playing drums on their faces.

We had a pirate party to celebrate!

Black sprinkles!

Jackson in Pirate gear.

A very stern pirate sister.
About to crash from a sugar/play high.

Satisfying strawberries

Tons and tons of strawberries are being picked around here. We got 5 cartons for 5 dollars the other day. Here are some pics of Georgia and Quinn feasting on them after school last week.


Georgia of course liked the whipped cream part the best.

Quinn wanted the whole strawberry!

He ate five!


Finger lickin' good!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our little Shirley Temple

Georgia told me the other day she wanted "princess hair" (this is in reference to when I use my curling iron). I wasn't willing to put her wonderful little girl hair to the heat test. So I went out to the grocery store and picked up some old fashioned sleep in rollers and put them in one night. She was so excited to take them out the next day and loved the result! Her teacher said she wouldn't let anyone touch her hair and "mess it up" that day. How did we raise such a girlie girl?

I love it Mama!

A little Shirley Temple styling...
or bad 80s perm...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Playing before dinner

The weather is so great here that we are afraid to talk about it. I think we are still shell shocked from the New England winters. We spent a couple hours playing in the backyard before dinner tonight. Georgia and Quinn enjoyed Quinn's new firetruck and hat. An early birthday present from Mama and Daddy.

This truck is a little small for those gangly legs!

Hey baby...

Daddy fixing Georgia's heel. Now that is a good Daddy!

This one looks o.k. Daddy.

Quinn has been sprinting up stairs and back down again.
It is freaking Mama out! No fear in this little guy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I know about scorpions

Right now Georgia really likes to talk about the things she "knows about"

Mama: "Georgia, are you learning about bugs at school?"
G: "I know all about bugs"
Mama: "Tell me about bugs"
G: "I know about scorpions"
Mama: "Really, like what"
G: "They have stingers. And they sting you. And they chase you. And you have to run."

Mama: "Do you know about horses"
G: "I know all about horses. They can help you with bad animals. They can run super fast and I can ride a white horse with a saddle. If you bring one on the street people will say no, no, no, do not bring a horse out here."

Mama: Do you know about motorcycles?
G: " can ride them to ice cream"

Rockstar Picasso

I was looking for Georgia this morning. When I turned the corner this is what I found. Georgia painting with her sunglasses on and beach toys on her back! What you can't see is her glasses are on upside down. It was pretty cute.

Our 11 month old cowboy

At an early age we can tell...Quinn is either going to be a cowboy or pro wrestler...

We don't care.

As his parents we will look equally good cheering him on in chaps and neon spandex.

What Mom? Can't you see we are busy?

I yelled at Lily and Georgia to turn around the other day. I caught this in the camera. We were laughing because it is three year old versions of the 15 year old future. Their looks say it all. "What mom? Can't you see we super cool and really busy?"

Georgia at the beach

Georgia loves the beach.
She runs, spins, dances, and throws sand at the waves.
She would stay playing all day if we would let her.