Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall in CA

We spent a fall weekend in CA going to the park on Saturday and the pumpkin patch on Sunday. If we were ever going to miss New England, it would be in the fall. Turns out we don't miss New England that much. The weather on Saturday was in the high 60s with a light wind at the park and on Sunday it was in the low 70s with abundant sunshine. Cold enough to wear our fall clothes but warm enough to play outside in the water table later that night.

Here are some pics.

Georgia caught a little chicken at the petting zoo. She is an animal lover for sure.

Quinn had fun watching the girls play on all the toys. He can't wait for next year when he can join in the fun!

Bounce House!

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Up the slide.....

Down the slide....

Annie, Georgia, Lily and Mike. Super scary!

Brendan "the monster" twirling the girls at the park.

Run Georgia! Run!

Walking the balance beam.

It was looooong!

View from the park. You can see the ocean when there are less clouds in the sky.

Down the slide!

Pushing the carriage. Hard workers!

Playing in the water table. Boy did these girls sleep hard that night.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Georgia


I'm not sure who taught this girl to eat an ice cream cone...

Georgia: I love my spy glass
Mama: You do? What can you see with your spy glass?
Georgia: Llamas in the jungle.
Mama: What else can you see with your spy glass in the jungle?
Georgia: Dragons
Mama: That's pretty cool
Georgia: Dragons are really nice. They my friends.
Mama: What color dragons are nice?
Georgia: They all nice. Especially the pink ones.

Georgia: Mama! Cactus!
Mama: I see, that is a really pretty one.
Georgia (reproachfully): Don't touch it! It is all pokely!

Mama: Georgia, do you miss Rocky?
Georgia: Yeah...he in California.
Mama: Yes, he is in California. I miss him too. Auntie Dana is going to bring him down soon.
Georgia: He in a box!

(I found this funny because last time Georgia saw him Rocky was in a kennel for the plane. I felt bad that she thinks he's been in a box for a couple of months!)

Mama: (after holding back major laughter). Well honey. I think Grandma and Grandpa took him out of the box after he got to California. He is playing with the horses now.

Mama: Georgia! Don't pull on the door handle when we are driving!
Georgia: Why not?
Mama: Because I don't want you to fall out.
Georgia: Then I get a biiiiiiig boo boo.
Mama: The biggest most awful big boo boo ever! The kind where you can't play for a long time.
Georgia: That's not good.

Quinn on the move!

Quinn's gross motor skills are rockin' all of the sudden. He started army crawling backwards across a room last week. The last few days he is lifting his belly up and getting on his hands and knees to rock back and forth and lunge forward (though most the time he goes backwards). It is pretty exciting but now we'll have to put away the fine china (ha!). I'm guessing he'll figure this out in the next week or so. And then I have a feeling he'll never stop moving....


Who me?

This was the best pic I could get of him on his hands and knees. He obviously was thinking "Forget the doll! I'm heading for that maraca!"

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We spent last Saturday at the San Diego zoo! If you haven't been, it is pretty awesome. In fact, we only made it through 1/3 of the zoo in the four hours we were there. We saw panda bears, giant turtles, snakes, frogs, polar bears, elephants, lions, a swimming leopard, monkeys, hippos, birds, zebras, gazelles, just to name a few. Georgia and her friend Lily loved it! In fact, we were so busy looking at the animals I realized later we didn't take many pictures.

This monkey came right up to Lily and Georgia and knocked on the window. We figured out that he wanted Lily's apple!

Georgia has a book on panda bears and was so excited to see one eat bamboo in person. Mama thought the pandas were a little creepy.

After the zoo we went home and had a nice dinner on our patio (we eat here most evenings). It overlooks the mountains and we can see a peak view of the ocean on nice days. We also found out that the launch hot air balloons on the weekends by our house. There are usually 3 or so floating around.

Georgia and Quinn get such a kick out of each other!