Monday, December 15, 2008

Bottom teeth

We were trying to take some pics of G for holiday cards a couple of weeks ago. Here are some shots from that very fun (although not too productive) session.

Here are her two bottom teeth!
Two more coming in up top.

Vintage Georgia.

Gotta love the shocked look...


Almost there...

Aw shucks. You're so silly Mama!

Emma turned one!

Georgia attended Emma's birthday party this past weekend. There were 9 babies all around one years old! It was so much fun. Georgia's friends Paul and Bella were there in addition to all of her new friends.

Here is Georgia with the birthday girl.

Look at the baby chaos!

Georgia in the midst of the chaos.
She later got her first boy smooch from Noah.

Monday, December 8, 2008

More teeth...and drool

Georgia has new teeth to join her two beautiful bottom teeth. A left lateral incisor. Very exciting. I think I might have felt the right lateral incisor as well. Luckily this round seemed less painful as Georgia has been sleeping through the night (7:30 to 6:00) for an entire week. Brendan and I are holding our breath hoping it is here to stay. Keep your fingers crossed.

BTW: I've been trying to snap pics of Georgia's teeth but she is having none of it!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Practice Birthday

Georgia had a practice Birthday on Saturday (11 months old). She trained up on present opening and cake eating.

Here is Georgia admiring her wonderful birthday presents.

She got quite good at the opening part.

Here she is with her new Haba doll from Grandma and Grandpa Crowley.

Georgia loved the Angel Food cake. Yummy!

Got cake?


With the Santa episode now a distant memory it is time to highlight the T-Day events. Georgia's grandparents from DC came into town along with her Auntie Jackie. We also had the Great Grandparents over for T-day dinner as well as a few friends who brought a ton of pre and post dinner treats. Sandy and Bob brought some yummy wine from their trip to Italy a couple of months ago. We drank that right down.

Here is Georgia tipping back a bottle with her Great Grandmother Jackie.

Amy and Bill joined us for dinner.

Along with Sibyl, Emi, and Kev.

And the Crowley/Berwick clan of course.

Auntie Jackie with a very tired Georgia. She feel asleep soon after this picture.
Look at her cute dress and stockings from Grandma and Grandpa Crowley.