Monday, December 14, 2009

Sentence Explosion

It is like we have a whole new daughter the last few weeks. There has been an explosion of sentences and conversations in our house. One thing is clear, Georgia has definite opinions and now knows she can express them.

"Pants fall down"
"I shut door"
"Paul, come back here"
"Rocky, no barking, good dog"
"Baby clothes on"
"No wear sweater"
"I paint hand"
"Where is Sibyl?"
"Socks off! Socks off! Socks off!"
"Go away"
"Birthday cake barrette in hair"
"My turn now"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First snow!

Last weekend we had our first snow stick. Georgia loved running around and stomping on snow bits in her new boots! It disappeared the next day :( Hopefully we get more for the holidays.

Georgia the abominable snow toddler

After snow smiles!

Georgia was so excited about the tree. She kept saying "tree! lights!"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Star talk

Kara (carrying G to the car from school): "Hey Georgia, do you see the star up in the sky?"

Georgia (pointing at star): "Star! I find it! Hi Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Hi Star!"

(Kara puts Georgia in car seat)

Georgia: "Bye bye star!"

Big News

O.K. First let me say I feel slightly guilty for posting this so all the world can see. Second, I am slightly disturbed by the things that make Brendan and I jump up and down with excitement.

Here it goes...please forgive me baby girl...

Georgia has asked for and used the potty successfully three evenings in a row!

She is so proud and keeps saying "Big girl. Big potty. I read on potty."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Conversations with little G

Georgia was sitting in her chair tonight reading an Elmo book.

"Are you ready for bed?" I asked.

"No! I read book!" she said decisively.

So saucy...

Here is a conversation in the car this weekend:

Brendan: "I love you Georgia"
Georgia: "I love you Mommy!"
Kara: "I love you Georgia!"
Georgia: "I love you Mommy!"
Kara: "I love you Georgia!"


Brendan: "I love you Georgia!"
Georgia: "I love you Mommy!"
Kara: "I love you Georgia!"


Kara: "I love you Daddy!"
Georgia: "I love you Daddy!"

Kara: "Georgia, what's in mama's belly?"
Georgia: "Baby"
Kara: "What's in your belly?"
Georgia: "Baby"
Kara: "No, no. A baby is only in mama's belly. You have a waffle in your belly."
Georgia: "Mama, baby"
Kara: "Right, a baby is in Mama's belly. What's in Daddy's belly?"
Georgia: "Baby"
Brendan: "No honey, muscles."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Potty

Georgia informed me last night that she wanted to sit on the "big" potty. I went ahead and showed her how to best sit on the big potty without falling in. She was thrilled (although no pottying was actually taking place). I turned my back to put some towels away and heard some splashing. I turned back around to find her perched on the back of the potty, happily kicking her legs around the water as she beamed at me and said "kicking mama!" Needless to say, she got a bath soon after.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Early birthday festivities

We had a great Thanksgiving visiting with Great Grandpa Al, Great Grandma Jackie, Grandpa Bob, Grandma Sandy, and Auntie Jackie. As part of the week, we had an early birthday celebration for Georgia with the Crowley bunch.

Everyone together!

Georgia loved, loved, loved opening her presents.
She also insists on wearing this dress to all special occasions.
I tried to get her to wear her pink fairy dress but she insisted on wearing this.
She also keeps trying to wear her piggy pjs to school.

Great Grandma Jackie helped G open her new legos!

Auntie Jackie got Georgia a tea set and G hasn't stopped playing with it since.

Here she is carefully eating a banana mini cupcake made by Grandma Sandy.

I had to throw the video in. Georgia has been wanting to wear this hat around the last few days. Also, you get to hear a mother daughter rendition (musical interpretation???) of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" towards the end of the video. Poor girl has no chance of any musical talent with a teacher like me.