Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Early birthday festivities

We had a great Thanksgiving visiting with Great Grandpa Al, Great Grandma Jackie, Grandpa Bob, Grandma Sandy, and Auntie Jackie. As part of the week, we had an early birthday celebration for Georgia with the Crowley bunch.

Everyone together!

Georgia loved, loved, loved opening her presents.
She also insists on wearing this dress to all special occasions.
I tried to get her to wear her pink fairy dress but she insisted on wearing this.
She also keeps trying to wear her piggy pjs to school.

Great Grandma Jackie helped G open her new legos!

Auntie Jackie got Georgia a tea set and G hasn't stopped playing with it since.

Here she is carefully eating a banana mini cupcake made by Grandma Sandy.

I had to throw the video in. Georgia has been wanting to wear this hat around the last few days. Also, you get to hear a mother daughter rendition (musical interpretation???) of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" towards the end of the video. Poor girl has no chance of any musical talent with a teacher like me.

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