Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sleepy beauties

For those who don't already know, I (Kara) have always been an early riser. Now that we have Georgia home, I am somewhat of a non sleeper. Rocky left Brendan in his warm bed and joined Georgia and I early this morning. He oh so carefully crawled onto the couch with Georgia. He seems to have taken to her quite nicely and knows he shouldn't sniff too hard. What a good pooch we have! Also, G seems to not mind him at all. They will most definitely be pals.

The first 15 hours having her home have been wonderful, although a little stressful at feeding time. She just won't eat as much as we need her to. She goes at the bottle with gusto for the first 10 minutes and then gets too tired to go on. Luckily the visiting nurse is coming this afternoon. I just hope G hasn't lost more weight.

Brendan is sleeping now. He said he'd give me a sleep break later this morning. I'm looking forward to that.


Buffy said...

Oh, sleep, sleep, sleep when you can! Become Queen of the cat nap - it's the only way to remain marginally sane! (Remember that sleep deprivation is a form of torture!)

Eat, eat, eat Georgia Grace! We can't wait to meet you!

Jacqueline said...

Eat Lil'G Eat!!!! We need you to round out a bit, cutie!

Julie said...

YEah!!! home and sleeping! will be first nature pronto no doubt! I can't tell you how many times I have exhausted myself gorging and guzzling lately;)

Sorry, but I have been so enamored with the pictures of sweet georgia that I only realized today that you can post a comment, der.

xoxoxohappy homelife:)

Kannuns said...

Congrats to Mom, Dad and Georgia from an "ol soljer" that is very, very proud of all of you.

Happy New Year! What a great way to start 2008.


PS: Doc, you look great!

Kannuns said...
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heulenwolf said...

Congratz and welcome home, guys.