Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend fun

We had such a good weekend. Georgia's art show was on Friday night. They had posted all the kids individual art all over the walls of the center, framed with the artist's name and medium. Georgia had entered a nice white chalk drawing on blue construction paper. Somewhat modern (minimalist) in style. Each class then had a group piece that could be bid on. Kara of course spent her money on raffle tickets to win one of the fabulous 18 art baskets. After writing Georgia's name 60 times...we found out we won two of the baskets on Monday! They are filled with crayons, markers, stickers, chalk, playdoh, paint, and other craft items. One of the baskets is toddler friendly and Georgia already tore into it last night. We are saving the other for when she won't actually eat the items.

The super fabulous art baskets.

Look! Crayons for little hands!

We also bought a new grill (thanks to work for all the travel rewards on Kara's Visa). Beren, Shawn, and Paul all came over to celebrate our first cooking adventure on it.

Now that Paul is walking Georgia tried to show him how to boogie on two legs without holding onto anything (she hasn't quite mastered it but is trying really hard everytime a good tune comes on). Paul thought she was silly...
Paul likes to see what else will go down the ball popper chute. The sippy cup was a no. Georgia thought he was silly...

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