Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandpa Kirk took Georgia for her first fishing trip. He bought her the cutest Dora pole and took her shopping for bait. They practiced casting and reeling all day on Saturday and then headed up to the great grandparents pond on Sunday. She caught 3 fish!

Georgia's first fish!

Grandpa helped her hold the pole but Georgia did all the reeling!

Second fish out of three!

Georgia was very patient in between bites and even let Grandpa hold the pole for awhile.

Great Grandma Carol chumming for the fish.

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Montana Phyllis said...

What a wonderful time with Grandpa Kirk, she'll always remember those first fish with him. Last Saturday, we went to visit Granman Orvis in Belgrade, she was in the hospital over night, just due to hard to breath, Dr.s think it's the altitude. Heading back to Calif. real soon.