Friday, December 31, 2010

Georgia Turns 3!

Is she really three years old? This wonderful, saucy, sweetheart of ours. Not afraid of much. She orders Rocky around like a little brother and isn't afraid to grab his collar and drag his 100lb body into another room to play. When somebody does her wrong she will approach them and insist on an apology, even if they are several years older. The ultimate negotiator. She wants to cuddle for "just a little bit" after we read her a story before bed. She wants to stay in the shower "just two more minutes." When I tell her that something isn't for her or she won't like it, she says "but we can try mama." When it is time to turn off the T.V. she says "just one more show" complete with holding a single index finder in the air. Social butterfly at the party and old lady at home. She loves a party and continues to be the last kid standing without crying. But she still likes everything in its place. She has a careful nature when entering new situations and we call her our little risk calculator. You have probably never seen a kid so careful with a stomp rocket. Caring and compassionate. When I tell her that she has done a good job she often says "you proud of me mama?" If someone seems upset G will ask "are you doing o.k.?" She still loves to kiss the top of Quinn's head and is super sweet with him. We live for the often uttered "I love you Daddy" and "I love you Mama." Pretending is fun. She loves dressing up, sparkles, tutus, makeup and accessories. Helping is more fun. She likes to help mama makes morning smoothies and build things with tools. True to herself. She tells jokes and loves to dance and sing even though she received the not so talented genes from her mother's side. Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy birthday to you...

Is that Tinkerbell on my cake?

Some of the party guests.

Georgia and her cousins Emma and Lilah.

The woman who made mama and daddy's wedding cakes made Georgia's 3rd birthday cake! Georgia wanted a purple cake and she sure did deliver!

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Montana Phyllis said...

Wanted to wish Georgia a very Happy 3rd Birthday, what a great day!! Bet she misses all of her very good friends back in MA. Wished we could have met her and Quinn over christmas time, but alas we got to Calif. on Tuesday the 28th. Got to see and have New Year's dinner with all the Orvis'. Your dad looks so much better too.