Sunday, January 6, 2008

Amy and Bill come bearing gifts

We had dinner last night with our friends Amy (holding Georgia) and Bill. Amy and I work together at Aptima. She was kind enough to come bearing a thoughtful gift from my colleagues at Aptima, a very generous gift certificate to DineWise. DineWise is a company that brings chef prepared restaurant quality meals to your door. The meals look absolutely fabulous. This is a much needed gift as we have been eating cereal most nights! We also received a beautiful bouquet and balloon earlier in the day. Thanks to all my friends at Aptima. You guys are too much! We can't wait to bring Georgia to Aptima for a visit. The Dr. said to wait until early February to take her out in public, once she has passed her original due date of January 31.

Georgia was in rare form last night. She was up for almost four hours and ate 4 separate times during that period. I think she is going to definitely gain some weight before her one month appointment. Amy was a natural at giving her the bottle!

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Euphman said...

Go Georgia!!!

Eat - Eat - Eat!