Friday, February 6, 2009

New daycare

Georgia started a new daycare a few weeks ago. She adjusted like a champ. Although she misses Denise, Maura, and Christine, she loves her new teachers and now has a new best friend, Zoe. They hug and talk to each other. The daycare is located in Brendan's new work building. He likes to pop down and visit her during lunch or circle time. This month is music and movement, Georgia's favorite...dancing!

Georgia in the gross motor room. She loves to climb the stairs, climb through the tunnels and slides down the ramps and slides. I have to be careful not to pick her up when they are in this room because she doesn't want to leave!

Georgia by her cubby.

They made a collage of her family. The kids loves looking at their pictures.


Jen - Eric said...

That is so awesome that Daddy is so close! I bet he loves that they are in the same building - what a bonus!

Casa di Paradiso said...

What a great place:) She looks like such a big girl standing at her cubby:( Like next she will be reaching for her Trig textbook and asking for the keys to the car....SIGH!!!